First Taste of August
Friday, Aug 3rd + Saturday, Aug 4th | 3-7PM (It's FREE!)

347 South Colorado Blvd. Denver, Colorado. 80246.

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, who knows if it is true, that Dom Pérignon invented champagne, or that Columbus sailed through sunshine, wind and rain!
As per usual  we will be spinning some choice vinyl and YOU ARE INVITED!

Fri. Aug 3rd - First Taste of August - Part I
- La Caravelle, Cuvée Niña, Champagne, France
- Reguta, Prosecco, Friuli, Italy
- Brigaldara, Valpolicella Classico, Veneto, Italy
- Begali Lorenzo, Valopolicella Ripasso, Veneto Italy

Sat. Aug 4th - First Taste of August - Part II
- Louis Nicaise, Brut Reserve, Champagne, France
- Col Solivo, Prosecco, Veneto, Italy
- Cantine Valpane, Barbera del Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy
- Antica Casa Scarpa, Nebbiolo d'Alba, Piedmont, Italy

Vino, Vinyl, and Good Vibes!
Our FREE in store wine tastings are a great way to enhance your wine knowledge and education. In addition they are fun, easy going and you might just fall in love with a new grape or region. Every weekend Fri + Sat, 3-7PM, come experience the fun at City Wine!